The law firm of Stephen C. Hansen is committed to providing quality legal services.  In return we receive
compensation for our time and skill.  Please read this memorandum and be sure to ask your attorney to
clarify any points which you do not understand.

Our attorney fees are based upon the amount of time and legal expertise spent on behalf of each client
by an attorney or legal assistant.  The secretarial time and other office staff duties are not billed as a
part of attorney fees.  There are costs, however, for which clients are billed.  These include, but are not
limited to, court filing fees, costs of our legal messenger services, process of service, costs of court
reporters, and medical records.

The time spent by an attorney on your case will be the single most determinate of your bill.  Our
expertise and skills are measured in the time it takes us to perform a service.  This includes time in
meetings, preparing pleadings, phone calls with the client or others on a client’s behalf, time for
preparation, follow-up, review, etc.   We record our time on billing slips copyrighted by Stephen C.
Hansen.  Time is billed to the tenth of an hour with a normal minimum billing charge of three/tenths of
an hour.

This firm sometimes uses legal assistants so that much of the detail work can be prepared at a lower
cost.  Even though this may help to lower your charges, please be aware that if your representation
involves a large requirement of time and skill, is of a complex or novel nature, or depends upon the
experience, reputation and ability of an attorney in the firm, the attorney fees may be substantial.

The firm, in keeping with its policy of providing timely and effective representation to its clients, will
often utilize the services of more than one attorney on any individual case.  Thus, clients should expect
that an attorney other than the original attorney with whom they discussed their case, may handle a
part or a majority of their case.  It must be emphasized, however, that the original attorney remains
available for consultation concerning the client’s case.  While a case is often handled most effectively by
the utilization of two attorneys, it is expected that some clients may wish to state a preference for an
individual attorney.  Such a preference should then be clearly stated to the client’s contact attorney.

Whenever the firm undertakes a legal matter on behalf of a client, we assume a very large responsibility.  
In most instances the estimation of fees and how you will be charged is a matter of judgment rather than
a fixed formula.  Our normal way of calculating attorney fees is by the hour.  On occasion we will set a fee
based upon a flat rate or upon a contingent fee (where our fees are a percentage of what we recover).  
It is our policy to discuss the manner in which fees will be charged at the initial consultation.  Whatever
the arrangement, we conclude the initial consultation and our understanding of the fee with a written

The firm bills for its services on a monthly basis.  Payment is due upon presentation of the statement.  
We reserve the right, subject to the rules of professional conduct, to withdraw from representation if
payment is not made in accordance with our fee agreement.
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